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Why do I have to pay a Spotlight fee?
Spotlight Casting Directory charges £90 inc. VAT a year for your online profile. Casting directors use Spotlight to send professional breakdowns for castings in television, film and theatre. We then use your Spotlight profile to submit you for an audition.
Do you accept every applicant?
We receive around 100 submissions from all over the country every week. We carefully look through every submission and only invite people we feel are suitable for representation.
If my application is unsuccessful can I re-apply?
There are many other talent agencies which you may be more suitable for. You can apply for DHA only ONCE a year.
Do I need to use your photographer?
Professional head shots are paramount for castings. We use a professional photographer for our in-house shoots to keep costs down. Our photographer has worked extensively in the industry and this helps the agency to keep quality high and consistent. You do not have to use our photographer, but please ensure you use an industry professional photographer, or your photo can be rejected by spotlight.
Can you guarantee me work?
We cannot guarantee anyone work. It is completely up to the casting director to select a client for an audition. This is why we only select suitable talent for our books.
How do I apply for Emil Dale's School of Performing Arts?
Click here and fill in an application form: www.emildale.co.uk

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